Gift a Cookie

Need a sweet, inexpensive birthday gift for a neighbor, co-working or friend? Use the mini pizza boxes from Stampin’ Up! to put a cookie in as a single serving birthday cake!


They are food safe, with a glossy coating on the inside so your treat won’t soak through the box:


Your cookie will probably look better than mine, but it was the LAST cookie in my house. I would have taken another picture, but I was hungry, so I ate it. Don’t judge.

With this little all-in-one-gift, the card is on top of the box, like this:


It’s super simple to make, too!

Download the Tutorial

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Cookie, Cookie, Who’s Got the Cookie?

I have a sweet tooth. My husband tells me I would feel better if I stopped eating sugar, but I think, “I feel great WHEN I eat sugar!” so giving up sugar just doesn’t appeal to me. Nope. Nada. Not one iota.

But give me a way to combine stamping and sugar, and you have my attention. Thanks, Stampin’ Up!, for giving me one more reason to love you: The new “Sweet Pressed” Cookie stamps are really fun, and require no ink, just sugar!

The cookie press comes with a solid wood handle and 3 interchangeable silicone “stamps” (jack-o-lantern face, snowflake and heart)

I’d love to show it to you in action…imagine hosting a “Cookie Exchange” and invited your friends to bring some of their favorite holiday cookies to share (along with their recipe) and we stamped a book for them to keep the recipes in like this:

Everyone goes home with cookies, recipes and learns how to use the Sweet Pressed Stamps!

To schedule a Cookie Exchange, call me: 801-376-8685 or to order the Sweet Pressed Stamps, visit my Stampin’ Store