Object Lesson

Just before Christmas, Kayson got a hold of a big (read: illegal) firework and convinced his dad that it would be a great “object lesson” as the “star of Bethlehem”. So after reading the Christmas story from Luke 2 on Christmas Eve, the two partners-in-crime tell the rest of the family to meet them in the valley below our house in 5 minutes. After the object lesson, we should “drive home and deny any knowledge if questioned.” We dutifully follow in the aforementioned time lapse, but low and behold…EVERYONE is driving along this normally deserted road on Christmas Eve in a snow flurry like like you’ve never seen before. DH says, “Let’s try the quarry”. We follow behind them and I’m watching the huge turbines in the mouth of the canyon spin around as the wind rushes through (totally cool, by the way). The boys pull over on the normally-deserted-road and I pull over behind them, turning on my hazards so that the crazy Christmas Eve traffic behind us won’t run into our car as Kayson gets out of the jeep to check the wind (…he can’t SEE the turbines??? DUH). Guess who the FIRST person behind us to stop is?? Yep, a friendly officer of the peace to make sure that everything is okay. (What do I say? Um, yeah…we were just checking to see if we could try setting off an illegal firework in this snowstorm…) Needless to say, I explain that I was just making sure my husband was okay in front of me (who is now driving away leaving me to explain to the police). He wishes us a Merry Christmas and we give up for another night (say perhaps New Year Eve??) Two words: Plausible Deniability.