Save Your Spot and Farewell to Fabric

A friend recently told me that she doesn’t read.

After staring at her with my mouth open for a few moments, I replied, “I know you CAN read. Do you mean you don’t have TIME to read?”

“No,” she replied. “I don’t like to read books.”

I seriously considered ending our friendship right then, but she is a delightful lady with a witty sense of humor and I decided that she was simply reading-challenged, and to be politically correct, I should treat her with kindness (and secretly some pity).

Reading is like breathing for me. I can’t even go to the bathroom without something to read (seriously). This is a legitimate concern for me:

(picture from Nerd Girl Problems)

If you are in the middle of at least 3 different books at one time, you will see the value of this brilliant idea:

I had some material left over from the Late Night Stampers Reunion party last year and these were really fun to make (the secret is using a glue gun). For the front, take a long strip of fabric (about 3″x24″. Tie a knot in one end and wind it up into a long twisted cord, keeping the print facing out. Glue the knot to the center of a felt flower and then spiral the cord around the center, gluing it down as you go.

The back is just two small hair bands, which allows it to fit different sizes of books 🙂 Thread the ribbon through the bands and glue the ribbon ends between the layers of the felt flowers on the front. 
Project Recipe:
  • Stampin’ Up! Supplies: Summer Smooches fabric (125411), Buttons, Big Shot (113439), Fun Flowers Bigz L Die (121812), Ribbon. Click here to order any of these supplies.
  • Other: Felt, hair bands, glue gun and glue.
I’ll miss having fabric from Stampin’ Up! but the good news for any of you fabric crafters is that the fabric is 40% off right now…while supplies last and through the end of May 2013! 

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Gift of Reading

There is nothing better than a new book to give (or receive) at Christmastime! Aside from stamping, I’ve also worked in a bookstore may years (to support my OTHER happy habit) so as the holidays are coming up, I want to share a few of my favorite recommendations AND a coupon for your shopping pleasure 🙂


A beautifully illustrated story of a boy learning that to give is better than to receive (or keep), this book will become a treasured tradition for your family to read aloud for the holidays. You can also download the interactive App for your Ipad and while supplies last when you buy this at Deseret Book, you get a free CD of the book being read President Monson 🙂

Christmas Oranges


The true story of a man whose expectant wife and 2 of their 4 children were killed in a car accident caused by a drunk teenage driver. I wish I could give this to everyone I know: It made me think about how willing I am to follow God’s will for me, rather than insist that I know better than Him and about how forgiving truly frees us to live a life of purpose.

My go-to blog in a book format! I love that they divide it into 4 seasons and another fav feature: The Roll-Over Ingredients, an index directing you to other recipes that use up ingredients when you bought more than you needed. Genius! Not to mention that my family has loved ANYTHING I have made from their first cookbook.


When we moved, I purged a lot of books, but this is one that I’ll be keeping because it beautifully defines what a glorious gift the ability to read truly is! It is based on the true story of Sang Ly who helps her husband collect trash on the largest municipal dump in Cambodia to keep their family alive. The reader journeys with Sang Ly as she discovers a secret about the grumpy old woman who collects her rent that will free both of them from the past. I read parts aloud to my husband and bawled out loud on the couch as I finished it. Click on the cover to see a video that tells you more! Seriously: Get this book now. One for you and one for your best friend.

There are many more I could recommend, but this post is getting too long as it is 🙂

So here’s the coupon (good through November 30) and hope it helps you get your shopping started:

Something To Read…

It’s been crazy busy at the bookstore recently…which is why I’ve been absent for a few weeks.  It’s like everyone looked at the calendar and said, “Holy Cow! Christmas is just around the corner! I better go shopping!”  So click below for a little Christmas shopping help from me (Deseret Book Friends & Family coupons are good through December 16th!)
Remember the Victorian Christmas Mantra…“Something they WANT, Something they NEED, Something to WEAR and Something to READ”
Here are my suggestions for the “Something to Read” part…(you can also check to see what I’m reading by becoming my friends on Goodreads or see my bookshelf in the left column).
Divine Signatures (and how fortunate that this is one of the coupons for you, too!). The true stories in this new book will touch your heart as you read about the evidence of God’s hand in the lives of people just like you and me. If  you don’t buy another book this year, this is the one you want! “In this unique book, Gerald N. Lund shows how having a correct idea of God’s character, perfections, and attributes is essential to our ability to strengthen our faith and develop our testimony. He also reminds us of how much God loves His children and that He “delights” to bless us, especially when we are striving to do His will. As and example, Elder Lund introduces the idea of a “divine signature”: “Sometimes blessings come in such an unusual manner and with such precise timing that they accomplish something in addition to blessing us. They so clearly confirm the reality of God’s existence that they buoy us up in times of trials.”

The Great & Terrible Series 
“This thrilling series by national bestselling author Chris Stewart takes us from the beginning of time to the final hours of the last days. Filled with rumors of wars and political intrigues, deadly epidemics and economic disasters, uplifting twists and inspiring miracles, the volumes in The Great and Terrible series reveal the greatest secret of all: The children of God can defeat the adversary, for we have fought him before.” 
Of Pigs, Pearls & Prodigals: A Fresh Look at the Parables of Jesus This new book by John Bytheway is on my “To-Read” list. The thing that intrigues me the most about this book (besides the fact that John makes scripture study fun!) is that he includes a part for each parable that makes it relevant to my life today, which will enrich my study of the New Testament in 2011.

The Great Plan of Happiness: With fun illustrations, this book simply explains to children where they came from, why they’re here on earth, and where they go after death.

HOW? Essential Skills for Living the Gospel If you were swimming in the ocean and discovered you were being pulled farther and farther away from land by a rip current, would you know how to get back to shore? There is a method – one that could save your life. Likewise, the authors of How? ask teenagers, “If you were caught up with friends in some activities you knew were wrong and you felt yourself being pulled away from the safety of the gospel shoe, caught up in a current of sin, would you know how to get beck?” Elder Russell M. Nelson said, “Once we … understand the importance and meaning of a commandment, we need to learn how to do it.” In this sequel to their bestselling book WHY?, John Hilton and Anthony Sweat answer more than 100 gospel questions, such as:

  • How Can I Increase My Faith in Jesus Christ
  • How Can I Know When I’ve Been Forgiven?
  • How Can I Know When the Holy Ghost Is Speaking to Me?
  • How Can I Stay Faithful When Life Is Hard?
  • How Can I Set Meaningful Personal Goals?
  • How Can I Find Answers In My Scriptures?
  • How Can I Resist and Overcome Pornography?