8 Things

I’ve been tagged by my SIL Alison at GoldRush Bride. Thanks, sis! My answers are in no particular order of favorites, just a jumbled compilation (like my desk today).

8 TV Shows I Watch (If I have time…usually while I’m ironing or other multi-tasking. The first 4 I watch semi-regularly, the others are very sporadic)
1. What Not to Wear
2. Pushing Daisies
3. Good Things Utah
4. Studio 5
5. John & Kate plus 8
6. Mythbusters
7. Ace of Cakes
8. Lots of Disney Channel when my kids have the remote control

8 Favorite Restaurants
1. Ottavio’s (Plan on dessert!)
2. Magleby’s (Salmon with Mango Salsa)
3. The Roof (In the Joseph Smith Bldg/SLC…only ate there once for an anniversary)
4. Kneaders
5. Cafe Rio (anything pork)
6. Papa Murphy’s Pizza (does taking it home to cook count as a restaurant?)
7. Subway
8. Chef’s Table (Okay, I really have never eaten there, but want to!!)

8 Favorite Singers/Bands

1. Brad Paisley (such funny/clever lyrics!)
2. David Archuleta
3. ABBA (that dates me)
4. Barbara Striesand (DIBS on her voice when she doesn’t make it to heaven…)
5. Idina Menzel
6. OK-Go
7. Carrie Underwood
8. Rascal Flatts

8 books I have read (and recommend)
1. Great & Terrible Series by Chris Stewart (start on book 2)
2. Harry Potter Series
3. Twilight Series (don’t hate…every woman wants to feel loved!)
4. Mitford Series by Jan Karon (see a pattern? Give me a good series to keep me busy!)
5. Peacegiver
6. #1 Ladies Detective Agency (another series!)
7. Parenting the Strong-Willed Child
8. The Glass Castle

8 things that happened yesterday
1. Mopped the floor
2. Made a complete Thanksgiving dinner (a few days late, but needed to cook a turkey!)
3. Family Home Evening: Trip to Library, Decorate Christmas Tree
4. Laundry
5. Mailed pictures to my MIL
6. Tried to be only grateful, because I really wanted to complain…fairly successful!
7. Kamryn stayed home from school with stomach ache
8. Read two chapters from 3rd Nephi before falling asleep!

8 things I am looking forward to
1. Next year’s sisters getaway!
2. Getting the new puppy potty trained
3. Having all debts paid off
4. Finishing the Book of Mormon (again) by December 31
5. Kiersta’s Holiday Choir Concert
6. Kayson getting a job and cell phone
7. Disneyland in 2009??? (See #3)
8. Making time to work on my scrapbooks

8 things I wish for
1. That Autumn lasted for 4 months and winter was 1 month
2. Happiness for my children and husband
3. Unlimited patience
4. More time to work on my own projects
5. Valium for a few men I live/work with
6. Cure for type-1 diabetes
7. A happy ending for my SIL and nieces
8. A jacuzzi!

8 people I am tagging
1. Vickie H
2. Heidi J
3. Kara P
4. Shelly S
5. Lacy A
6. Mindi
7. Kelli B
8. ??

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