Why Scrapbook?

“Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love,
the things you are,
the things you never want to lose.”

Why do I scrapbook? When I was 12, my mom handed me a box of photos and memorabilia she had collected, and a small scrapbook of my baby years and said, “Here: I think you would enjoy making a scrapbook of your life.” I think she was just overwhelmed with 5 kids and didn’t need one more thing to do! But she was right. I have always loved paper, and this was a tactile way of preserving my memories.

My early scrapbooks were not the gorgeous pages you see in magazines now, and most of them only captured the who, what, where and when. Now I scrap for a different reason: to remember family values, to capture a feeling or to show my love for my family. I’m still not a Scrapbook Diva (although a few of my pages have been published in the past), but I am happy with what I can create and share. This brings me joy!

Your reasons for scrapbooking may be different than mine, but I hope you will enjoy the journey of finding a way to hold on to those memories that you don’t want to lose. To help you in your efforts, I am holding a Scrap & Stamp Camp on May 9 and 2 Scrapbook Classes on May 21. Click on my calendar for more details and watch for sneek peeks coming soon!

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