A Very Jonas Fourth!

I was settling down for a quiet 4th of July when my friend Vicki called at 7 p.m. and said, “We have two extra tickets for the Stadium of Fire…want to come quick?” The show started at 8 in Provo and with my family spread all over the map, I had to find a date FAST! I called my friend Leslie and we raced to the stadium in time to find our seats (ON THE FIELD!!! THANK YOU VICKI!!) and watch Glenn Beck march in 76-Trombone Style:Next, SheDaisy took the stage…welcome home to Utah, ladies!Things then got a little crazy…

(This one is for Mindi…) In case it gets *too* crazy, just break out a good book and settle in 🙂 Yes, this was taken AS the Jonas Brothers were singing!! WHAT IN THE WORLD? I love me a good book as much as the next person (and may have even been caught reading Harry Potter 7 at Stampin’ Up! Convention…) but seriously? Maybe she is the grandmother of Kevin, Nick and Joe and has seen them perform hundreds of times…

We finished up with some spectacular fireworks and it was a very memorable holiday! So if you need any gifts for Young Women or Girl’s Camp…support Vicki’s lds-yw site because she totally ROCKS for letting us celebrate in style!

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2 thoughts on “A Very Jonas Fourth!

  1. Mindi says:

    what? i can't believe it: a mother who is NOT interested in the jonas brothers concert?


    proud of you for finding your inner-concert goddess.


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