Ode to the Supermarket Musical

I am *always* inspired by music (have I mentioned my college degree was in music ed?) and recently I’ve been pondering what the sound-track to my life would be. I’m composing the play-list for my existence, but when I saw the following video, I was infatuated! I’ve always wanted to stage a spontaneous musical (um, you may have noticed my devotion to improveverywhere…) so today I present my “Ode to the Supermarket Musical”:

I’m ambling through the produce aisle
When suddenly I stop and smile,
And looking through the garden fare
Imagine music playing there
Enticing me to sing and dance
Amidst the veggies, fruits and plants.
Spontaneously I bounce and skip
Through frozen food and take a trip
(While singing) past the dairy case ~
Another shopper pulls a face!
I guess they can’t enjoy the glee
This Spontaneous Musical supplies me!
So on past cereal, cheese and chips
I wave my arms and shake my hips!
What if the whole store met to belt
A tune while letting ice cream melt?
So on with grocery shopping ‘til
Applause and cheers! My cart I fill
And take my bow. The concert ends,
But in my dream the song extends,
Encompassing a marching band.
The clerks join in (and all unplanned)
We journey to the parking lot
In chorus line with all we bought!
Absurd? Not so! Just tap your toe
And sing along…you’ll say “Bravo!”
–Loni Spendlove, January 2010 

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