Color My World!

Why ARE there so many songs about rainbows?
My husband always teases me about referring to colors in Stampin’ Up! vernacular: “That’s not orange,” I’ll correct him, “That is PUMPKIN PIE!” Every color has a proper name, and I use it!

Well, Stampin’ Up! made a wonderful announcement on Monday about our new COLOR RENOVATION and I’m very excited to share it with you! If you have ever renovated a room or a whole home, you know that the new look is better than the old look…and the same is true here! As of July 1st, our new color COLLECTIONS will look like this:  

You will see some returning IN COLORS from years past, and a sneak peek at a few NEW colors that are surely part of every perfect rainbow 🙂 This renovation will help you look at colors in a whole new way, and I’m drooling with anticipation, myself.
But before you get too excited, we must also say farewell to some well-loved hues:

If these colors have been some of your favorites, you have until June 30th to order ink refills for your pads, stock up on card stock and matching accessories! Visit my website to order anytime. 

I guess the answer to the question is that a rainbows bring color and wonder to the world, and Stampin’ Up! is doing our best to bring that delight to you. 

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