Desserts for Diabetes

It’s been 8 years. 11,680 insulin injections. 14,600 finger pricks to check blood sugar. A million worries. 
And we are just getting started.

While he’s outgrowing the “Juvenile” part of Juvenile Diabetes (most days), he’ll never outgrow the Type 1 Diabetes. Not until we find a cure. So you’ll be hearing from me every year until that cure is found.

With Type 1 (or Juvenile) Diabetes, the pancreas produces NO insulin, so the person with this disease must act as their pancreas, giving insulin injections from the moment of diagnosis. Unlike Type 2 Diabetes, it cannot be controlled by diet, exercise, pills, essential oils, cinnamon or acupuncture (well meaning friends and family have suggested them all). The good news is that with a lot of pricking/poking/injections and the ability to count carbs accurately, a Type 1 Diabetic CAN eat sugar (despite the claim of Kayson’s shirt, above).
So this year, we are trying something new for our fund-raising event for JDRF and the Walk to Cure Diabetes: 
Desserts for Diabetes
Saturday, July 31
7-9 p.m.
860 E 1050 S, Spanish Fork
 $5 per person
Enjoy a scrumptious dessert bar and silent auction as we help fund the research for a cure. 
To purchase tickets, call: 801-376-8685.
Can’t attend? Visit my JDRF walk page and make a donation and/or join our walk team! Your generosity will help millions of families to never know what they are missing. And wouldn’t that be a blessing?

2 thoughts on “Desserts for Diabetes

  1. Gwen Mangelson says:

    thank you for posting this! My dad died of diabetes 14 years ago- today would have been his birthday-

    I love your projects, I too am a SU Demo here in Southern Missouri-

    I am also opening my home as a scrapbooking/crafting/quilting retreat by the end of the summer.

    you can see my blog at

    thanks again for posting about diabetes!


  2. Jean Fitch from jlfstudio says:

    What a wonderful post about diabetes and thanks for supporting the search for a cure. My neice Bethany was diagnosed at age 6 with Juvinile Diabetes and its been an eye opening experience watching her deal with it. Luckily there are so many groups and support possibilities out there now both in person and on the “net”. Not like when I was a kid with a classmate who struggled with the disease.

    May your son and your family be blessed and may a cure soon be found.

    Thanks for sharing your creativity and your caring here in your corner of cyberspace.

    Hugs – Jean


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