Musings of a 43 Year Old

I turned 43 two weeks ago and it has caused for some reflection. Surprisingly, I LIKE THIS AGE! Today I’m sharing some of the things learned along the journey to this point. I invite you to share your life lessons in the comments, or tell me what you liked most!:
  1. Eat to Live, don’t live to eat (thanks, Anita Refroe for the musical reminder)
  2. Desserts are an exception to #1
  3. Don’t get attached to a house or “stuff”~ Get attached to people. 
  4. Friends are the only thing worth keeping. Everything else is yard sale fodder.
  5. A new rubber spatula is a better gift than diamond earrings.
  6. I don’t worry about what my behind looks like…I can’t see it, so it doesn’t bother me.
  7. …but NOBODY over 24 (or 120 pounds) should EVER wear spandex in public!
  8. You always find things in the last place you look (because who would keep looking after you’ve found it?)
  9. In my mind, I stopped aging at 19, but my body tells me we’ve traveled a few miles since then
  10. and I may need to see if Miracle Ear can help me hear what you just said.
  11.  I’m learning to say NO and not feel guilty.
  12. My kids are actually fun to hang out with…
  13. So are my parents!
  14. Laughter is the best medicine, but Tylenol P.M. runs a close second.
  15. I {heart} coming home to a clean house, scrubbed toilet and kitchen sink…
  16. That really says “I love you” to me!
  17. …but a *little* clutter is a sign that “Life Happens Here” and I *can* let it go.
  18. There is a definite line between clutter and filth. 
  19. Sitting on a porch swing with the one you love in silence is a great date.
  20. Roller coasters are still my favorite, and I’m grateful I to have a strong stomach.
  21. Be firm in your standards but never extreme in your opinions.
  22. There are more good people in the world. It’s just easier to be annoyed at the dorks.
  23. One person can make a difference.
  24. Clean sheets are underrated.
  25. My favorite chore is to fold clean laundry!
  26. New cars are overrated. As my wise father says, “Cars are just a bucket of bolts.”
  27. Having said that, you *should* vacuum out your car occasionally.
  28. I used to be a night owl, but have turned a 180 (as only owls can do) to find mornings are truly my favorite time of day. I am full of hope at dawn!
  29. Chickens make the best pets.
  30. Most people need to learn how to use an iron.
  31. Watching your children suffer the consequence of their choices is really, really hard.
  32. Letting them do it helps them grow. 
  33. Mothers really do know best, but they can’t tell their kids that. 
  34. Keeping my mouth shut is a life skill/parenting technique I wish I had learned earlier.
  35. Cold cereal can be eaten at any meal
  36. …and comes in handy when mom is reading a good book and is too engrossed to cook.
  37. Family dinner is important and something I need to work on.
  38. Together is a great place to be.
  39. Rubber Stamping is cheaper than therapy!
  40. Photos are better enjoyed in a scrapbook that in a box or on a computer.
  41. Listen to that still, small voice
  42. Forgiveness feels good.
  43. Mistakes Happen. The Atonement Helps.

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