My Fabulous Escape!

When I moved into this house in 2005, my goal that first autumn when the kids went back to school was to stay home and catch up on their scrapbook albums. Scrapbooking is therapeutic for me and my children love looking through their books and sharing them with friends and family. Alas, I have finished very few pages or books since then!

So when my friend Beth said that she was planning a casual scrapbook retreat in Salt Lake City, I invited myself and my dear friend Kelli 🙂 It was time to do something personal I wanted to do…that didn’t have anything to do with my business.

When my husband went into emergency surgery for kidney stones the day before the retreat began, I rationalized: The funeral could wait until Monday, worst case scenario. Judge me, dear reader: I *did* get him situated at home (with painkillers) 2 full hours before I left!

AND even when Kelli had to drive 4 hours home during the middle of the retreat to open her son’s mission call (he’s going to Paraguay), then drive her daughter all the way to Park City the next morning, she CAME BACK the next morning.

We worked through the wee hours of the night/morning, laughed heartily at Beth’s entertainment (she’s a master storyteller!), bared our souls to one another, ate well (Buca di Beppo and Cafe Rio along with plenty of snacks), and even managed to squeeze in a little exercise. We passed the “I-finished-a-page” crown around, shared ideas and did whatever we wanted when we wanted (which explains why we don’t have makeup or hair done…and possibly not many supporting undergarments…in many of the pictures above) Pure bliss! Thanks Beth, Kelli, Vicky, Jennifer, SaraJane, Helen & Nanette…you were just what I needed.
I finished over 50 pages and it felt so good! I’ll try to share a few in the next week or so (when I’m not working).
P.S. Husband survived and even had Superbowl dinner ready when I came home! He’s a keeper 🙂
P.P.S. Will announce Blog Chocolate Winner soon!

2 thoughts on “My Fabulous Escape!

  1. jenn says:

    Glad your husband is doing good, and even more glad that you got so much done. Way to go. I need a weekend like that. My oldest only has his first 6 months done and now with number 3 I'm seriously behind. Yikes!


  2. ShellBell says:

    Looks like you had loads of fun! I'm happy to see you take time out for yourself.
    I can't believe you got 50 pages done! Last time I went to one of these, I only did like 10 and I was super proud lol.
    Glad your husband is better, and that he actually survived without you. I know that a lot of men wouldn't have lol.


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