A Scrapaway Weekend Primer

This is Beth.
Beth is the queen of scrapbook retreats.
Beth invited Loni to run away with her new friends and scrapbook all weekend in a hotel.
Loni said YES!
Wherever Beth goes, the party is there.
Beth will make you laugh.
Everyone loves Beth, even the Pope.

This is Nanette.
Nanette is wearing the Helmet of Triumph.
When someone finishes a page, Beth gives them the Helmet of Triumph to wear and they could win a prize!
What prize will Nanette pick?

This is Zumba.
Suzy is leading Zumba.
Zumba is fun to watch.
Loni prefers to sweat alone.
Loni takes pictures.

This is the Pope Room at Buca di Beppo.
Left to Right: Becky, Suzy, Joann, Jennifer, Beth, Helen, Vicky, Sara Jane, Nanette and Loni.
We like Italian food 🙂
Becky is nervous about the naked cherubs on the ceiling.

This is Helen’s favorite page she completed.
Helen’s son likes to play Angry Birds.
Helen loves her son and scrapbooking.
Everyone is a winner!

Here is the whole gang at the hotel.

We love the Hampton Inn at the SLC Airport!

This is Jennifer (center) who brought her sisters for the first time (Joann and Suzy)
We hope they come next year, too!

This is Joann.
It is Joann’s birthday!
Happy Birthday Joann!
Joann’s mom sends a special candle.
What will happen to all our scrapbook supplies if the sprinklers come on?
Oh no! Blow out the singing spinning candle, Joann!

Loni finishes a WHOLE SCRAPBOOK in My Digital Studio while she is at Beth’s retreat.
Would you like to see Loni’s scrapbook?
Loni will print her scrapbook and bring it to her April Stampin’ Up! parties!
Book a party for April to see Loni’s scrapbook in person!
You can download My Digital Studio Express FREE for 30 days on Loni’s website 🙂

One thought on “A Scrapaway Weekend Primer

  1. Beth says:

    Your creativity extends FAR BEYOND stamping. GREAT writing. Thanks for the (exaggerated) compliments AND fun laughs. Reading this made my night!


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