MDS Valentine: To Infinity & Beyond!

Time again for the annual Spendlove Valentine! While we love getting cards ANYTIME, over the years our family has chosen to check in with family and friends at a holiday other than Christmas…just to break the mold and to celebrate friendships all year long 🙂 
Our first 20 years of marriage, we sent Thanksgiving cards, and the kids got used to the assembly line as we stamped, embossed, glued, sealed and sent our cards (about 150!). Then a few years ago we thought, “Since we are the Spendloves, maybe Valentines is the time to send our cards.” Not to mention we can see who sends us a Christmas card and cut everyone else off our list…

We are mailing wedding announcements for our son and his fiance this week, so we decided to make it easy and save time/money/postage by adding our Valentine to the envelope.  I used My Digital Studio and opened up one of the scrapbook templates to create this full page valentine letter! Change a few colors, add our own words, put in a few pictures and voila! It was finished! And I love how it turned out 🙂 And the kids don’t really miss the assembly line.

Speaking of Valentines, there are some awesome new downloads for My Digital Studio today, including SAD templates (Singles Awareness Day!) and of course, don’t forget to download the MDS2 30-day Trial FREE from my website. Need instruction? Come to the FREE MDS CLASS this Thursday, January 17th and learn more!
And BTW, we really let a LOT of people stay on our mailing list who never send us anything, but we keep them on the list because we love them. I’m just saying…

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