A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That…

What could you create with the new “This & That” book? Here’s a list and I’d really enjoy YOUR ideas shared in the comments!
  1.  A Vacation Memoir
  2. Boredom Buster Book (for kids who say “I’m Bored” this summer…fill with ideas or let them fill it themselves!)
  3. Top Ten Book (Your favorite books, movies, recipes, friends, travel destinations, songs, etc)\
  4. YOUR STYLE Fashion Folder 
  5. Dinner Guests (Snap a photo of people you invite for dinner and include menu)
  6. Wedding Planner
  7. Graduation Gift: Document the graduation and beyond!
  8. Best Friends
  9. Creativity Journal 
  10. Bucket List
  11. Things in My Purse
  12. Words to Live By (Favorite Quotes or Books to Read)
  13. A Day in My Life or A Week in My Life Journal
  14. Memories of Mom (in time for Mother’s Day!)
  15. Wish List
  16. Gratitude Journal
  17. This & That And to make it nicer, you can order the bundle for 15% off before April 30th!

    BREAKING NEWS: Get FREE SHIPPING on orders placed from my store or through me April 6-8, 2013

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