I Love Lunch, Too

It’s no secret I love LUNCH (and Breakfast, Dinner and a good midnight snack) AND I love Improv Everywhere (you may have seen them here before). This latest mission includes a cameo performance by Ann Curry of the Today Show and will bring a smile to your day!

I’ll be getting back to stamping once I get new batteries for my camera, meanwhile, enjoy your lunch!

Web Site Story: Sublime Musical Parody!

I’m an avid admirer of the musical parody genius of the likes of Weird Al Yankovic, Capitol Steps and now College Humor has hit gold: When I saw “Web Site Story” with all it’s cunning social-networking name-dropping, I was hooked! West Side Story is one of my all-time favorite musicals (side note: my mom was Maria on the Dixie College stage back in the 60’s and I stepped into Anita’s shoes in the Dixie High production 20 years later!) so sit back and enjoy some harmonic creativity:


WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: There are other videos on the College Humor Site that I DON’T recommend…obviously “college humor” leans to the crude side for some sad reason (is it because the brains of college kids aren’t fully developed??), but Web-Site Story was a moment of unsullied clarity for these folks 🙂

Creativity Gone Terribly Wrong…

My new daily giggle stop is cakewrecks, where you can scratch your head at the talent (or lack thereof) of professional (??) cake decorators everywhere. From the bizarre…
To the edible incarnation of egotistical bridezilla (or as James Thurber once said, “The most dangerous food is Wedding Cake”. Let that be a lesson for you, dear groom): And the misspelled (WHERE was the spell checker?)…

Poetic Justice (or "All in the Family")

Kayson has been looking forward to his Junior Prom for months now.

Back up 20 years: One day his teenaged dad came home and mom (Kayson’s Grandma) said, “Get dressed. You are taking your cousin to prom tonight.” Kayson has given his dad crap for years about that priceless gem.

So for this coming-of-age-event, Kayson asked a girl he really liked. He met with a friend every day for 2 weeks going over THE PLAN for their date. At different points in THE PLAN, they were going to rent a limo, ride around temple square in a carriage, go miniature golfing, go to the fanciest restaurant in town, get to the dance, take pictures and somehow get home by midnight (curfew). After drawing a time-line for him to visually demonstrate that it would take a miracle, they settled on the limo and dinner at LaCaille. This is my son: live in the moment, damn the cost.

Meanwhile, Kiersta is a senior and didn’t have a date, but wasn’t really worried about going this time…she’s been blessed to attend every other dance during her High School career. However, dad stepped up and threatened to buy her a date. She said she’d rather go with him! So the daddy/daughter date was a go.

Prom was last Saturday. On Thursday night about midnight, Kayson’s date goes to the E.R. for an emergency appendectomy. He misses school to stay by her side at the hospital on Friday, but gets plenty of other offers/suggestions via cell phone, now that she’s out of the picture.

Luckily, Mindi is bringing the girls up to stay at our house on Saturday night while she and RBC go to the Jazz game…so guess who Kayson took to Prom?

Tux: $110. New Shoes: $65. Corsage: $18.
Taking your cousin to Prom: Priceless!

And SUCH poetic justice.

A great time was had by all, but DH doesn’t like to be on the blog, so here are the girls before the dance:
We did tell Kaitlyn that she can’t date (again?) until she is 16. Does it count if you fill in and go to the prom with your cousin? Especially if you stop by the home of the girl-newly-without-appendix and give her the corsage?