Web Site Story: Sublime Musical Parody!

I’m an avid admirer of the musical parody genius of the likes of Weird Al Yankovic, Capitol Steps and now College Humor has hit gold: When I saw “Web Site Story” with all it’s cunning social-networking name-dropping, I was hooked! West Side Story is one of my all-time favorite musicals (side note: my mom was Maria on the Dixie College stage back in the 60’s and I stepped into Anita’s shoes in the Dixie High production 20 years later!) so sit back and enjoy some harmonic creativity:


WARNING AND DISCLAIMER: There are other videos on the College Humor Site that I DON’T recommend…obviously “college humor” leans to the crude side for some sad reason (is it because the brains of college kids aren’t fully developed??), but Web-Site Story was a moment of unsullied clarity for these folks 🙂

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