March (Paper Pumpkin) Madness

My March Paper Pumpkin kit came in the mail yesterday and so I pushed EVERYTHING aside to create (and by that I mean I literally shoved things off my desk and onto the floor…)

It was my goal to use EVERY. SINGLE. PIECE. in the kit and I am proud to say “Mission Accomplished”!

I posted them over on my Creative Juice Facebook page individually, but here’s a collage to inspire your own creativity:

For one of the gift card holders, I made it into a Mother’s Day coupon book (lots of free printable coupons out there, but the one I used was from I Should Be Mopping the Floor and just printed them in B&W, two sheets to a page so I could cut and bind them in the middle. 

Not a Paper Pumpkin Subscriber yet? Don’t miss another one (especially not the April kit, which will include a FREE GIFT to celebrate the 3rd birthday of Paper Pumpkin!):

I’m off to pick up the floor in my office now…

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Love Your Mailbox

If I could crochet, I’d make one of these for my mailbox:
“WHY?” you may ask…we’ll let me tell you:

Once a month I go to my mailbox and it gives me a beautiful RED BOX like this:
And inside this box is a magical creative escape!

I’ve told you about My Paper Pumpkin before, and you may be thinking “But you are always making something crafty…what’s so special about this box?” and the answer is: “But I don’t have to cut any paper or come up with a new idea…I just open the box and create something that is prepared for me!”

And that’s why I want to thank my mailbox. I think it should know how much I love it.

If you want to love YOUR mailbox as much as mine (but don’t want to crochet a blanket for it), then you can subscribe to My Paper Pumpkin, too:

Check out the AWESOME Pinterest board of all things Paper Pumpkin here:
You can now pre-pay for subscriptions too: 
These can be ordered on my website or at a workshop!
 You will get an email with a code to enter at to redeem for your subscription. 

Subscribe by July 10th to receive the July Paper Pumpkin kit (rumor has it you don’t want to miss it!)
Subscribe by July 27th for a FREE GIFT from me to help you organize your Paper Pumpkin stamps!

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Your Creative Carriage Awaits

Cinderella was tired of washing dishes, scrubbing floors, folding laundry and waiting on her cruel step-sisters hand and foot: She dreamed of escaping her every day drudgery! When the pumpkin i her garden was magically transformed into a carriage (designed to whisk her away to a fairytale castle) she happily hopped aboard.

Don’t let your “Paper Pumpkin” drive past 
without jumping in!

Q: What is My Paper Pumpkin

A: Each month, a unique kit arrives at your door in a beautiful red box and contains stamps, ink, paper and accessories (everything except adhesive)…everything you need for a 30-minute creative escape! What could the project be? Cards, Journals, Decor, and more! And everything is color-coordinated, measured and cut for you.

Q: How much does My Paper Pumpkin cost? 

A: Membership is $19.95 per month (including shipping!) and you can continue as long as you’d like, or cancel at any time. You can also skip a month, too! You must sign up for a kit by the 10th so it can ship around the 15th. There is also a Trial Kit for just $16.95:

Q: Who should try My Paper Pumpkin

A: Anyone who desires a creative escape! It makes a GREAT GIFT, too.

Q: How do I sign up for My Paper Pumpkin

A: Click on the link above (or the Paper Pumpkin Logo) and select Loni Spendlove as your demonstrator after you enter your payment information. SIGN UP TODAY as the first kit will ship in March 2013!

Here’s a peek into the Welcome Kit from My Paper Pumpkin: You can see it includes stamps, ink, paper, embellishments and even a clear block, as all stamps in MPP kits will be clear mount!

Go ahead, you have my permission to break away from the mundane and bring some Pumpkin magic into your life!

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Hello, Pumpkin: A Magical Creative Escape!

Sweep away the mundane-your creativity carriage awaits!

I’m Paper Pumpkin . . .

I come to your door each month (a fully decked-out creativity carriage). I’ll help you to escape your life with some paper fun.

I come in a sweet box, but you’ll really love what you find on the inside:

All the stamps, ink, paper, and accessories to create pinable projects. Create stuff like cards, journals, décor, and more!

Paper Pumpkin by Stampin’ Up! is a new monthly kit program that anyone (even you) can enjoy!

Get Started

It’s so easy to get started. Simply sign up for the program by visiting and click Get it. Every month a new, surprise project kit arrives at your doorstep. Just think of the anticipation of creating a fun project to pin, showoff, and share with your friends and family-every month!

Of course, you’ll want to know more. So here’s the nitty gritty:

  • Each month we send you a unique, surprise kit with a project-cards, journals, décor, and more! (We’ve even color-coordinated, measured, and cut everything for you!)
  • Each kit includes stamps, ink, paper, and accessories-everything but adhesive.
  • Each kit gives you a 30-minute creativity escape.
  • We will ship your Paper Pumpkin on or around the 15th of the month.  
  • You need to sign up for a kit by the 10th of the month to get that month’s kit. If you sign up on the 11th of the month, your first kit will come the next month. (Let’s say you sign up on May 10th, we’ll send your kit around May 15th. If you sign up on May 11th, we’ll send your first kit around June 15th.)
  • A Paper Pumpkin membership is $19.95 per month (and shipping is included!)
  • There’s no commitment, you can cancel your monthly Paper Pumpkin at anytime. You can also skip a month if you want.
  • Starting in early March, we’ll offer a Try-It kit if you’d like to try Paper Pumpkin for one month. 

Click here to get started and please choose Loni Spendlove as your demonstrator when prompted 🙂