When One Party Ends, Another Begins…

Not surprisingly, we like to celebrate at Stampin’ Up! And having been around for 25 years, that’s something to commemorate, certainly 🙂

In keeping with that theme, here are a few awesome products on sale for one week (click pic to shop)

It never ceases to amaze me what people can create with a little rubber, ink and paper…now I just revel in the incredible ways you can manipulate a little card stock. But Stampin’ Up! isn’t ONLY about rubber stamps: It’s about handmade gifts, unique home decor, gorgeous packaging and preserving memories.

While I resisted the move to digital scrapbooking, I have to say that I don’t regret coming to the “dark side” one bit! With My Digital Studio from Stampin’ Up! there are INFINITE crafting possibilities outside of memory albums! My next project is going to be a family recipe book and watch for a blog post coming soon about a really fun gift idea you can personalize for your friends…

So with that introduction: HAVE YOU TRIED My Digital Studio? With a price of just $19.95, you don’t really have an excuse NOT to try it…but just in case you are hesitant, you can try it FREE for 30 days by downloading it here.

The best news is the Digital Party we are getting started TODAY~

Now is the time to print your own Christmas Cards, yearly scrapbook or prepare for a “December Daily” with a template that will make your Christmas merry…VERY! Not only are select digital and print products on sale, but we are starting a week of Digital Delights from November 1-November 8~  including a FREE download on Saturday, Nov. 2. Set a reminder to visit http://www.mydigitalstudio.net each day!

For my friends who have already taken the plunge with MDS, you’ll be happy to hear about the new My Library App:

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$25 or 25%?

Today, you may teeter between two decisions….

The choice is yours: 
Join my Stampin’ Up! Family for just $25 (ends TODAY, October 21, 2013)
Choose from 25 different stamp sets at 25% off (starts TOMORROW, October 22, 2013)

Ideally, you could choose BOTH ~ Join today and get an additional 20% off the discounted stamp sets as a demonstrator tomorrow 🙂
Whichever way you tip, it’s guaranteed fun for the ride!
10/22/13: GOOD NEWS UPDATE! If you couldn’t make up your mind, you’ve been given a few more hours to mull it over…try Stampin’ Up! for $25 through October 22, 11:59 p.m. (MST)

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A Shared Anniversary: 25 & Still Going Strong

Stampin’ Up! and my husband & I share the same Anniversary this year: TWENTY-FIVE!

At the 25th Anniversary Convention for Stampin’ Up! this summer, the 25 oldest longest-lasting demonstrators were called to the stage and I was surprised to be one of those most tenacious demonstrators! That’s me under the “N” in “Difference” with my upline Sherrill Graff to the left in blue. 

Shelli Gardner (far right) presented all of us with a gift (below). Each necklace had our initial on it! Because it was unexpected, it is one the most treasured things I have ever received. Doesn’t something delightfully unanticipated just feel so much more exciting? I love the embossed silver paper on the gift and all the layers and every time I wear it, it reminds me how much I love Stampin’ Up!

My 20th Anniversary with Stampin’ Up! was actually the same time I was in San Diego celebrating my 25th Wedding Anniversary with my sweet husband. I’ll admit that we’ve had our rocky times (as those of you who know me may remember), but perhaps this celebration was just that much sweeter because we have triumphed (with help and prayers) to get to this milestone!

You may be asking yourself…WHO ARE THOSE OTHER WOMEN in her pictures?? LOL! No, he only has ONE wife, but in a serendipity moment, we happened to be in San Diego at the same time the Stampin’ Up! Getaway achievers were there enjoying a well-earned vacation, and my friend Carolyn (from Canada) brought her daughter Jenna with her, so we spent a day together exploring the area. My favorite picture is of Cody & I by the sandcastle on the beach, but my second favorite is Carolyn’s photobomb captured by Jenna 🙂

Next year, I hope our Anniversary trip is funded by Stampin’ Up!  Carolyn and I have made a goal to earn the Washington D.C. Trip together!

Now, I don’t want to leave you out of the celebration, so here’s a way for you to join the fun, starting on October 7th (and only for 14 days!!):

Come back on October 7th and join my family by clicking “Join Now” at the top of the blog!
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Isn’t She Lovely? Isn’t She Wonderful?

It’s like Christmas morning when I get my hands on the new Stampin’ Up! catalog…do you feel the same way? This beautiful new cover makes me grin every time I see it!! What’s inside is just as freakin’ awesome (as my kids say).  To flip through the catalog virtually, click on the picture above. To order from it, CLICK HERE!

Along with the new catalog comes a few other fun announcements! First, the new “Best of” set for June:

Second, a chance to grab some greeting stamps at a discount:

And finally, a few updates for My Digital Studio: Get the new colors FREE next time you have an internet connection and update your software:

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Best Of 25 Years and Clear Stamps!

Each month of 2013, Stampin’ Up! introduces a “Best Of” stamp set which includes images from the best of our stamp sets in the past 25 years PLUS a new image never seen before. The March stamp set is the Best of FLOWERS (Item #133342) :

These stamp sets are available through March, 2014 and each set is just $14.95! 
To download the January “Best of Birthdays” stamp set flyer (item #132929), click here 
To download the February “Best of Love” stamp set flyer (item #132987), click here
These sets are available in Clear Mount, so you will need clear blocks to use them and the suggested blocks are listed on the flyer.
But wait, there is more…
When you purchase 6 of the “Best Of” stamp sets this year, keep the Proof-of-Purchase stickers and

attach them to this form and submit it to Stampin’ Up! for a FREE STAMP SET (up to $14.95)

To order “Best of” Stamp Sets, simply go to my online store (and don’t forget to order your clear blocks, if needed).

And in other Stampin’ Up! news for March…check out our new Photopolymer CLEAR STAMPS:

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All the Single Stampers (Put a Stamp On It!)

All the Single Stampers (All the Single Stampers!)
All the Single Stampers (All the Single Stampers!)
Put your hands up!
Down at my desk, it’s just such a mess
I’m doing my creative thing
I wanna send a card, but it’s so hard
Cause I need something that screams SPRING!
I up to see, there’s two or three
My demonstrator has ’em
Just want ONE, now it’s all done
She sent it right to me!  
Cause if you liked it then you should have put a stamp on it
If you sent it then you should’ve put a stamp on it
I’m not mad because I have put a stamp on it
I know you’ll like it now that I have put a stamp on it!

Wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh
Wuh uh oh uh uh oh oh uh oh uh uh oh


For your enjoyment, here are the newest SINGLE STAMPS available for purchase through the end of March (clear mount only, clear block not provided):
And here’s more good news:  
As part of Stampin’ Up!s 25-year anniversary celebration, we’re bringing back some of our favorite stamp images from the last quarter century and combining them into 12 sets, and will release-one set per month-during 2013. Even better, along with some great classic images, each “Best of” set will also include a never-before-seen image and is available in clear mount for just $14.95 (clear blocks not included)
Check back every month for a new “Best of” Set!
While we are releasing just one Best of stamp set per month, all of the Best of sets will be available until March 31, 2014.  Here is January’s BEST OF set:

What’s more, if you are a collector of classic stamps: Get a FREE stamp set for every 6 Best of stamp sets you order! Just print off one of these and adhere the special sticker that comes with each Best of set to it and mail it in when you have purchased 6: