A Shared Anniversary: 25 & Still Going Strong

Stampin’ Up! and my husband & I share the same Anniversary this year: TWENTY-FIVE!

At the 25th Anniversary Convention for Stampin’ Up! this summer, the 25 oldest longest-lasting demonstrators were called to the stage and I was surprised to be one of those most tenacious demonstrators! That’s me under the “N” in “Difference” with my upline Sherrill Graff to the left in blue. 

Shelli Gardner (far right) presented all of us with a gift (below). Each necklace had our initial on it! Because it was unexpected, it is one the most treasured things I have ever received. Doesn’t something delightfully unanticipated just feel so much more exciting? I love the embossed silver paper on the gift and all the layers and every time I wear it, it reminds me how much I love Stampin’ Up!

My 20th Anniversary with Stampin’ Up! was actually the same time I was in San Diego celebrating my 25th Wedding Anniversary with my sweet husband. I’ll admit that we’ve had our rocky times (as those of you who know me may remember), but perhaps this celebration was just that much sweeter because we have triumphed (with help and prayers) to get to this milestone!

You may be asking yourself…WHO ARE THOSE OTHER WOMEN in her pictures?? LOL! No, he only has ONE wife, but in a serendipity moment, we happened to be in San Diego at the same time the Stampin’ Up! Getaway achievers were there enjoying a well-earned vacation, and my friend Carolyn (from Canada) brought her daughter Jenna with her, so we spent a day together exploring the area. My favorite picture is of Cody & I by the sandcastle on the beach, but my second favorite is Carolyn’s photobomb captured by Jenna 🙂

Next year, I hope our Anniversary trip is funded by Stampin’ Up!  Carolyn and I have made a goal to earn the Washington D.C. Trip together!

Now, I don’t want to leave you out of the celebration, so here’s a way for you to join the fun, starting on October 7th (and only for 14 days!!):

Come back on October 7th and join my family by clicking “Join Now” at the top of the blog!
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