Joy to Everyone

Ever see something that touches you so deeply that your breath is taken away? That is how I felt when I saw this new video: the pictures are so stunning and the music so moving and joyous, it was the first time I’ve truly felt the true spirit of Christmas this year. Really.

The artists that composed the music and took the pictures made this as a gift. Joy to Everyone expresses the hope that everyone feels love, peace and joy this Christmas. This is my hope, too.

To download the song and music free for yourself, click here.

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One thought on “Joy to Everyone

  1. Julie says:

    Loni,Thanks for emailing me the link to this video. I have played it over and over again. I absolutely love the music and lyrics! You are right, it really does bring in the spirit of Christmas. Also, just to tell you that the music in Sacrament Meeting today was wonderful. You do a tremendous job! Merry Christmas! Rich and I still want to get together for dinner. Let’s get out those calendars! Julie


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