You Take the Cake

I have been going through a cupcake obsession…both on paper and in true sugar-coated mass, so this On A Pedestal stamp set has sung it’s siren song to me once again! The best thing? It contains a Birthday Cake for ONE! A Granny B’s Original Pink Sugar Cookie…
Truth in advertising: Let’s be honest…did you know the label for this cookie reads 4 (yep that’s FOUR) servings per container? A serving is actually 1/4 of the cookie, which contains 130 calories, 6 grams fat and 17 carbs (good to know if, in my case, you are the mother of a diabetic). I guess that on your birthday, reading the Nutrition Facts would reduce the pleasure of the expected sugar rush, so don’t bring that up to the person you would give this to 😀

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