Guessing Jars: A Family Tradition

A favorite tradition from our family reunions (on my dad’s side) are the “Guessing Jars”! If you need a fun game that EVERYONE can participate in, this is it: Each family brings a container filled with something and we number each jar. Every person gets a piece of paper and numbers it with the number of jars that are on the table, then takes a guess at how many items are in each jar (or answer the related question on the jar/container)

Our family gets pretty creative: There have been piggy banks filled with loose change (guess how much $money is in the bank), pencil boxes filled with random school supplies (guess how many hours kids go to school each year) and even a package of Oreos (If Oreo cookies were laid side by side, how many would it take to cross the Golden Gate Bridge? Answer: 28,800)

But most of our “jars” are containers filled with candy, something like this:

This particular jar was one I created the Late Night Stampers Reunion Party at Stampin’ Up! Convention and it is filled with taffy and rubber stamps! We wanted to start a new “family” tradition for the Reunion Party,and this fun game popped into my head. Here’s a close-up of the sweet tag…I have to say I love these folded paper medallions and they are as addicting to make as the sugar in the taffy!

And of course, glitter makes everything cuter, so the edges are dusted with a little bling 🙂 
Update 5/28/13: Apparently I didn’t finish my thought when I originally posted this! Each jar gets a number so that people can start anywhere on the table with their guesses (for instance, you could pick up jar/container #8 and write down the number and your guess, then move to jar #12, etc, until you had made a guess for each jar). Once everyone has made their guess, the M.C. reveals the correct answers and the person who guesses closest wins that jar/container!
This is a fun game for a crowd because there can be MANY winners 🙂 You may choose to only allow a person to win ONE time. However, if they were the closest guesser on a future jar, they could choose to exchange it for their first jar, giving the original jar to the next closest guesser. 
To see how we modified it for a bridal shower, see this post

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