Tin Cans and Tasty Treats

 I had started this post a few weeks ago, but have been so busy at the bookstore I wasn’t able to post before now…but don’t fret! You can can gifts ANYTIME of the year 🙂 This is just a sample of one way to decorate a tin can that contains an unexpected surprise…and read the whole post for a tasty treat that you can make quickly to put inside if you don’t happen to have pearls or diamonds to put into the can (which happen to fit nicely, or gift cards, or other small gifts)
The easiest way to make these is to use a clean-edge can opener and open the bottom of the can, clean it out and take off the wrapper (so you can add your own). Once the can is dry, put your gift in and use a thin line of Crystal Effects (from Stampin’ Up! of course!) around the edge of the lid you removed and press down to re-seal can. Add a decorative cover and voila! A canned gift!
Interestingly, the gals over at Our Best Bites were sharing the same idea this week and if you want to just print off a label, click on the picture below for a link to their post and a free printable 🙂
Now ONE MORE TREAT for you…this is my favorite Christmas Candy, but be WARNED! It is EXTREMELY ADDICTING:
 Caramel Snowman Poop!
2 cups Butter
1 cup Honey
4 cups Sugar
1 cup Cream (I used whipping cream)
Combine all ingredients and cook, stirring frequently to soft ball stage. Pour over 2 large Tupperware bowls of popcorn, Chex or ~my favorite~ a large bag of puffed corn cereal (they sell it this time of year in a big bag at the grocery story, which reminds me to make some and then give it all away or else I would eat it all myself).

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