No Excuses Crafting

As mentioned in this post, Paper Pumpkin is the answer to EVERY excuse you could give for NOT being crafty…and while it’s an awesome deal at the regular price ($19.95/month), for just a few more days it’s a KILLER deal for just $10 for the first two months you try it!!! WHY NOT TRY IT???

Seriously, it’s a fabulous chance to give yourself (or a friend) 30 minutes of creative fun and it comes with everything you need to get started except scissors and adhesive. I’m pretty sure that  you have scissors lying around your house somewhere, so let me make this a NO BRAINER decision and tell you that anyone who signs up for My Paper Pumpkin (yes, just click those words or the image above and they’ll take you to the magic kingdom to sign up…) with me before August 31 (make sure to enter the code PUMPKINDEAL when checking out), will receive a Stampin’ Up! Glue Stick  in the mail. No more excuses. Go now.

You’re still here? If you have questions, let’s see if this FAQ answers them.

Q: What is My Paper Pumpkin? 
A: A monthly creative escape: A crafting kit with EVERYTHING prepared for you to make something magically beautiful!
Q: What comes in a Paper Pumpkin Kit?
A: It’s a surprise each month! There have been card kits, journal kits, small scrapbooks, cake toppers…the anticipation is half the fun! You’ll have everything you need to complete the project: paper, stamps, ink, accessories and more. And I’m sending you a glue stick. 
Q: Will it come every month?
A: Your subscription is on auto renew so it will ship every month on or around the 15th. You can skip a month or cancel at any time. Just log on to your account and click “manage my pumpkin” on or before the 10th of the month to skip that month or cancel.
Q: When will I be billed?
A: Your credit card will be charged when your Paper Pumpkin is shipped (after the 11th of the month) and you will get an e-mail notifying you that your card has been charged.
Q: Does my Paper Pumpkin project come with instructions? 
A: Yes, of course it does. The instructions will tell you everything you need to know. And they are so easy to follow-we promise.
Q: How much does a Paper Pumpkin membership cost each month? 
A: A Paper Pumpkin subscription is $19.95 per month +tax. Shipping is already included! If you subscribe before August 31, 2013 you will get the first two months for just $10 each (then it will return to $19.95 for the duration of your subscription. Remember to enter code PUMPKINDEAL

Q: How do I start my Paper Pumpkin membership?  
A: Visit to sign up-it’s that easy!
Q: What is the return policy? 
A: If you are not thrilled with your Paper Pumpkin, please call us at 1-800-STAMP UP, we’ll chat and be your fairy godmother to make your wishes come true.
Q: What is the Welcome Kit? 
A: The Welcome Kit is the very first Paper Pumpkin you will receive in your first month of membership. This initial kit is the same for everyone, regardless of which month you subscribe. If you are a new member, we’ll send the Welcome kit to you for your first month. Bonus! the Welcome Kit includes a free gift-a clear acrylic block!

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