Organized Christmas

Ah, the Holiday Season! Does it conjure up cozy fires, Christmas Carols, hot cider and family togetherness? Or does the mere thought of long lines, frenzied shoppers and massive credit card bills have you in a fetal position? I’m afraid I tend toward the latter. My intentions have always been good: Every year I vow to have my shopping done by Halloween so I can relax and enjoy the season. But guess what? Halloween is in two days and I haven’t even started. In fact, I’ve got my kids practically convinced that we should skip Christmas and just go on a vacation (which may cost more than presents, but will make memories to last longer than the sweater I was going to give…I hope!)

However, I was inspired by This site has a Christmas Countdown (it started on October 26, but you can catch up), gifts and crafts, recipes and my favorite: printable planner pages! This is what I WOULD use, if I was going to be the perfect Mrs. Santa. I prefer the Christmas Pocket Planner Forms that you can print to use when you make this super-easy organizer demonstrated by Australian stamper/crafter Kylie, below.

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