Dressing Up

A younger version of myself believed that sewing Halloween costumes for my children would validate me as a “good mother”. I was fairly successful with a set of crayon costumes and one clown ensemble. Then Kiersta wanted to be a medieval princess…after dropping $80 (yes, that was *eighty* dollars) at the fabric store and spending two days hunched over a sewing machine, the perfect princess was clothed! Then I found an (almost) identical dress online for $25. I’ve never sewn a costume since.

This year we found costumes at a big box store at 60% off the week before the holiday and while standing in the checkout line, a sweet stranger handed me a “Friend & Family” coupon for an additional 20% off! SCORE!

Above: “Mother Nature” and the cutest little witch in our house.

6 thoughts on “Dressing Up

  1. Mindi says:

    hey! 3 comments! you are gonna rule the school pretty soon.love the pinkis/magenta/fuschia hair. and i remember that costume well. and want to borrow it for next year.i luv those little girlies.


  2. ShellBell says:

    Cute girls–you have your hands full. My mom was the biggest person on making costumes and did a fabulous job. Wish I had inherited that gene lol. But, as you said, fabric is outrageous. You can buy them so much cheaper now.Love the pic.Shelly


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