My Stampin’ Story, Pt. 1

While some people spend their money on clothes, furniture or electronic gadgets, I have always had a weakness for office supplies. 
When I spent a semester in Israel in 1987 (that’s me in the skirt, with my roommates Jenny and Lisa!) much of my college student budget was spent in the Mid-Eastern equivalent of “Staples” where I gloried in the vast stacks of paper, envelopes, pens and blank books. With this fondness for fiber and ink, it should come as no surprise that I fell in love with rubber stamping!
By 1992 we were living in Kanab, UT and had just welcomed baby #2 (Kayson–so precious, above with my sister Mindi and her hubby Russ in background) and I was looking for a rubber stamp company to join as an excuse for adult conversation and a creative outlet. The idea of being my own office supply store was also appealing, since Kanab didn’t have many shopping opportunities! I wanted the best company, so I was looking at all that I could find and before the internet, that took some effort. One Sunday at church, my husband took the fussy baby out to the foyer where he ran into a high school classmate, LaVonne Crosby. As they visited, Vonna mentioned that she and her sister Shelli had started a rubber stamp company… and just happened to have a Stampin’ Up! catalog in her van. She referred me to her neighbor, Sherrill Graff, who became my recruiter and dear friend.
Stampin’ Up! has been a blessing to me in so many ways: I have learned to be a better teacher and presenter. I have learned how to share creativity and overcome some shyness (believe it or not!). It has helped me set and reach goals. Finally, it has blessed me with some of the most wonderful friends in the world…my demonstrator family, my hostesses and my customers continue to enrich my life every day. I invite YOU to discover what Stampin’ Up! could do for you! If you want to CREATE, HOST or JOIN my Stampin’ Family…discover the benefits, then give me a call: 801-376-8685. 
More of my story to come…

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