DIY Envelopes

My apologies for being absent for so long! What could I blame it on?? End of school? Yard work? A Solar Eclipse?

Yes to all of the above, but that is no excuse, really. If you have been following my Facebook Page, you’ll know that I have been pretty faithful with the Retirement Parade this month (a card each day showcasing the Stampin’ Up! sets that will be retired in less than a week now!!).

I have been thinking about sharing this for a while, so today I want to give some hints for creating your own envelopes with the Simply Scored and Diagonal Plate. First, a video from Stampin’ Up!
 (Or if you are in too much of a hurry to watch the video, scroll down for a quick picture of how to create envelopes with the Simply Scored Diagonal Plate)

Simply Scored Envelopes

The Diagonal plate comes with measurements for a few basic cards, so let me share a quick reference for some other envelope sizes: Mary Fish (of Stampin’ Pretty) has created a fabulous chart HERE…print it off and then come back to add these sizes:

* For a 6×6 card size, the finished envelope is approx. 6 1/4″ square. Cut your paper to 10″ square and both “A” and “B” scores are at 4 1/2″  (BONUS: I’ll be demonstrating this envelope along with a scrapbook page you can mail at my JUNE workshops, so book yours today!)

* For a 2×2 card size, a finished envelope is approx. 2 1/8″ square. Cut your paper to 4″ square and score at 1 5/8″ on both A and B sides. I love to make these envelopes using vellum and the cards are a petite size for gift giving 🙂

REMEMBER: Some of these envelope sizes are too small to mail, so they must be given in person, allowing you time to visit with a friend as you deliver your thoughtful hand-crafted gift 🙂
Envelope on front of card

Coming soon: A NEW envelope tutorial that you won’t want to miss!

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