Extending My Birthday Celebration

Yes, my birthday was in July (thanks for asking) but I just like celebrating for an extra long time. Even though I’ve commemorated 46 of them, it never gets old 🙂

Let me show you some of the cool things my friends made me for my birthday! Handcrafted gifts are always the best, so I’m sharing their talents here.

Created by (top left, clockwise): Laura Hill, Sherrill Graff, Pam Clyde, Anne Beddo

Card creators(l to r): Sue Stratton, Angie Baldwin, Pam Clyde, Beth Martin, Jenn Seaver, Sherrill Graff

I was truly spoiled on my birthday and these are just a few of the handmade items…Thank you to everyone who remembered me on my birthday. You made it so very special!
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