Stampin’ Up! Leadership 2014

When asked what they loved best about Stampin’ Up!, what did demonstrators respond was at the top of their list?

  1. Free Stamps
  2. Friendships
  3. Flexible Hours
  4. Creativity
Here’s a hint:
While we love being creative and would never turn down free stamps (or chocolate), the thing we love most is the relationships we forge! I met Jan (right) at Leadership in San Antonio, TX in 2012 where we became roommates by finding each other in an online board. Within minutes, we were as close as sisters and then found Carolyn (front) who was attending alone from Canada. She couldn’t resist us 😉 and this year we were blessed to be roommates all together in Houston!
It was Jan’s idea to wear matching scarves each day:
What fun we had together! Our favorite activity was Managers Reception at the Houston Aquarium where they served “Light Refreshments” of sushi, shrimp, roast beef, mashed potatoes, dessert, hot cocoa bar, etc… This was Nirvana for me because I plan every successful trip around where I’m eating next (LOL). Oh yeah, there were also scuba divers, sharks, sting-ray feedings, and white tigers at the aquarium as well as a few rides like a Merry-Go-Round where we may or may not have let our hair down. 
Of course there was plenty of stamping, swapping, education, motivation and celebration (which is what we do best)! 
We also roamed the scariest parts of downtown Houston on foot searching for pizza, introduced Jan & Carolyn to Pizzookies (aka “Never On Sundae” at Utah Pizza Factory), survived Carolyn leaving her wallet in Canada (she had a little cash and her passport), and laughed at Jan the day she wore her shirt backward for the first 4 hours! In turn, they teased me about “sleeping around” because I took turns in Jan’s bed, then Carolyn’s (we had two beds in the hotel room, so I gave them each a chance to sleep alone). We made precious memories together.

Loved the service project we participated in:

One of the best Leadership announcements was this one: 
Join my stampin’ family and gain 5,000 new friends at Inspire. Create. Share. in Salt Lake City this summer! You don’t want to miss any of the fun!

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