Tuesday Tutorial: Big News Birthday

Here’s a hint for all you card crafters: Have you ever noticed that when you cut a piece of card stock in half to create a card, you are left with a piece to make ANOTHER card? 
And when you cut a piece of paper in quarters to layer on top of your creation, you have THREE (3) more quarters left over…
 (stick with me here)
…so as long as you are creating ONE card, why not make them in sets of FOUR?  
 Mind blowing, really. It’s my job. 
Original Card by Kimberly Myers
So the hint applies here: People keep having birthdays, so you may as well make up 4 (or 8 or 12) 
of these polka-dot darlings so you are ready for the next month.
Stick a $10 bill in the card and voila: It’s a gift, too!
Click here for the tutorial and tell me you love it. And as always, thank you for shopping for the supplies in my Stampin’ Up! store 🙂

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