Sticky Business

Imagine you are trying to hang a picture on your wall and you ask for a hammer and you are handed a toilet plunger instead. Not really helpful for the task at hand, right? The same is true for adhesive in your paper crafting. Knowing which one to use (and having it readily accessible) will make crafting much more enjoyable and keep your projects sticking together in the right way!


Bookmark this handy chart to help you when you are wondering which sticky stuff to use!

Stock your supply of adhesive from my Stampin’ Store

To help you adhere your creations, we are having a 5 day Flash Sale on Fast Fuse: Starting February 8th through the 12th, or while supplies last! The last time we offered this, supplies only lasted one day, so set your alarm and stock up.

Fast Fuse Loni

Learn more about Fast Fuse:

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