Strawberry Hello

Call me slow, but I *just* realized (3 decades into paper crafting) that you can send a birthday card that DOESN’T SAY “Happy Birthday”!

I was panicked that I needed more birthday cards at the beginning of March, but didn’t have time to make any. My “generic” card stash was overflowing, so I grabbed a few of those and just wrote a birthday message inside, and slapped my forehead as I realized they worked wonderfully! DUH.

LESSON: Let any generic greeting card become whatever you want it to be!

On that note, here’s a card that can be embossed quickly and will help get you out of any “JAM” (get it?) you are in for a mailing moment! I’ve even got a printable HOW TO for you:

Hope the remainder of your day is as sweet as this card is!

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