Color Me Creative

Don’t pretty colors make you happy? They can evoke many moods, for certain! I’d love to hear how the new 2023-2025 IN COLORS make you feel:

From left, the 2023-2025 IN Colors are: Moody Mauve, Wild Wheat, Boho Blue, Copper Clay and Pebbled Path.

While these colors won’t be available until May 2nd to purchase in my Stampin’ Store, I wanted you to get a good look! The best words I have to describe them are earthy, organic, and cozy. What are your descriptors?

Stampin’ Up! also “refreshes” their core colors ever 5-7 years, and I’m thrilled about some of these new and returning colors to our lineup:

Ready to see more? Watch this video for all the prettiness and new color family associations:

Do you see any that appeal to you? Leave me a comment with the colors you are anticipating the most, then set an alarm for May 2nd to get your color fix!

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